The Ron Harvey Landscape Trophy

An Interclub Competition in Memory of Ron Harvey ARPS

Ron Harvey was a long standing member of the Potters Bar & District Photographic Society. He served for very many years on the committee and was President for three separate – two year terms. On his death his widow, Reidun, donated a splendid trophy in the form of a Viking Ship to be used for an interclub competition and this competition celebrates his passion for landscape prints.

Clubs and Invited Judge please note:-

PBPS’s definition of a Landscape for this trophy alone {all other definitions are irrelevant}

Landforms and sky expanses incorporating elements of nature and the natural environment that the eye can comprehend in a single view, and how this is transformed by light and weather conditions eg Mountains, hills, lakes, deserts, farmland, forests, woodland, parks etc

Urban and city scenes that show a wide perspective of a manmade area

Sea and coastal scapes  that include some element of shoreline

Micro Landscapes are not accepted

(People and animals may be included where they are incidental but not a primary subject of the photograph)


  1. The competition is held annually between photography clubs invited to take part by PBPS
  2. Each club shall enter six photographic prints of a landscape, a maximum of two per author
  3. The images must originate as photographs captured digitally or on film and must be the authors own work
  4. The prints may be home or trade processed
  5. The prints may be colour or Monochrome and must be mounted
  6. Each print must be properly titled and have the authors name and club clearly written on the back
  7. The images ( or essentially similar images ) must not have been entered into the Ron Harvey Trophy before
  8. The prints will be assessed and marked by an external judge invited by PBPS
  9. Each print will be given a mark out of 20
  10.  The winning club shall be the club with the highest aggregate score. In the event of a tie, the winner will be:
    1. the club with the highest scoring individual print or, if still a tie,
    1. the club with the highest scoring top two prints or, if still a tie
    1. the club with the highest scoring top three prints…
    1. etc. until all the prints have been considered
    1. If there is still a tie, the clubs shall share the trophy.                                                              
  11.  The winning club will hold the trophy for a period of one year until the next competition the following year
  12. The trophy will be returned by that club on or before the date of the next competition to the Print secretary of PBPS
  13. The trophy remains the property of PBPS


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