Graham Coldrick

I joined Potters Bar Photographic Society as a novice with a simple film camera just over forty years ago.

Much has happened in the intervening years!  the cameras became complex and then even more complex and at that point simple digital cameras came out.  Now digital cameras are getting to the very complex stage.  I wonder what is next?

I never found it necessary to take formal lessons in photography but was content to gradually pick up information from my fellow enthusiasts and look and learn from the talented lecturers and judges who have been invited to our Society over the years.

I set up a darkroom at home and for many years dabbled with developing monochrome films and printing both monochrome and colour materials.  I always found this a chore and was pleased to consign the extensive equipment to the loft and embrace the computer with the added control it gave me and in particular the ability to give life to imaginative and creative images.

Although I was stimulated at the Society to try every branch of photography, I have never moved far away from my first love which is landscape photography and I still take most pleasure from travelling and seeking out that special lighting which is the key to a memorable shot.

With the years and my increasing knowledge came success with distinctions from the Royal Photographic Society and the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain together with a number of acceptances into the RPS International exhibitions.

For the future I am happy to enjoy the good company of my friends in the Society and to keep clicking for that perfect shot.

Other Members' Work

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