Derek Dewey-Leader

I have been experimenting with rotary turntables and Helicon Focus  to fill time during lockdown.  Helicon is very useful for processing  stacks of  photographs and my original use of it was for astro photography.   But as I have been to Tibet and watched meditation sessions using mandalas I decided to create a few of my own.

Mandalas, sometimes patterns created in sand,  are used in a number of religions including Buddhism and Hinduism as an aid to meditation.  They create a sacred space and help induce a trance.   I made various arrangements of glass beads,  flower petals and even a starfish shell,  rotated them on the turntable taking pictures at various intervals,  sometimes at   every 15 degrees,  around a circle.  After stacking in Helicon focus this was the result. I also enlisted the help of my artist wife Pat to create something more traditional

Picture no 1 shows a simple start point of a few petals, leaves and a rose   The second shows the outcome after rotation and stacking. the third picture is of the starfish and glass beads and the final picture is a painting created by my wife in more traditional style.

Other Members' Work

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