25 November 2020

I have for a while dabbled with table top photography and lately have been playing with bubble photos. I thought I would share with you my methods that achieved the following photos.

Camera Set up

Explanation is as follows: –

For the bubbles its a mix of washing up liquid or soap and water – I did about half and half . You can add a few drops of glycerine to keep the bubbles for longer. Lighting is the most tricky  – it needs to be diffuse and as close to the bubble as possible. I tried a couple of  set-ups – using a flash with a soft-box , but anything large to diffuse the light is fine. I also used a lightpad (or tablet set to a white screen) wrapped in clingfilm with bubbles directly on it. The flash gives bright colours and the lightpad something a lot more subtle. Can also use a fixed light.  Camera was on manual, F8 or higher.  The bubbles gradually develop more colour , starting in stripes, then start swirling and losing colour from the top. If you blow them they get more swirls and different colours.  I also blew bubbles over the main bubble to give the little ones. Just before the bubble bursts it loses colour and develops a lacy pattern. Be warned though its very addictive! 

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