Surprise Visitor at Potters Bar’s 71st Exhibition now on at the Galleria Hatfield

18 March 2020

Gerald Rickwood, past manager of Hornby’s camera shop in Potters Bar, and the man who donated the Hornby Cup to the club makes a 74 mile round trip from somewhere south of London just to see the latest candidates for his award.


I have been looking forward once more to The PBPS Annual Exhibition, and despite the current ‘en-virus-ment’ I was determined to make the trip to Hatfield to cast my vote.

Now at eighty seven, I drove over to my daughter this time (Hence the photos below); she was a little apprehensive, in view of the present climate.  The Galleria was quite empty; I think we could we could count on our fingers the number of the visitors, but it is devastating to see the shop keepers with shops empty of people.

We both voted, had a coffee before returning home.    A good display of images; I will not say which picture I voted for; I shall look forward to viewing the PBPS website later in the year to find out.

I hope you do well.

Regards   Gerald Rickwood

The Club thanks you for making the effort Gerald !

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